On this page we will inform you about developments. But first of all, do you know you can also find us on instagram? Yape's on Instagram

19-06-2023: The big news is that we are going to move to another warehouse. It will be very close to where we are now but it will be nearly twice as big, so we are looking forward to going there. It will all take place in Q4. Also last week all the covidrestrictions for travelling to Indonesia have been lifted, so after 3 years we can finally visit our suppliers again. Busy times ahead for us ☺. By the way, we also received another container with iron items from India last week and we are expecting 2 more in the coming weeks. So keep checking out the webshop.

06-01-2023: First of all: Best wishes!! It has been a while since you last heard from us, we were very busy up to Christmas so very little time for an update. This year is also beginning very well, we have already received 2 container so you will find a lot of new items in our webshop.

22-08-2022: We hope you have had a nice summer, we sure did with all the beautiful weather! But now it is time to get back to business, we have received our first container after our break and it was full of new recycled iron items, check it out for yourself in the "Arrived from India 22-08-2022" section.

06-05-2022: We have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Those following our insta-page already know what I am talking about. Within 10 days we received 1 container with all kind of teak items from Indonesia and 1 container with recycled iron items as well as furniture from India. It was very hard to get everything into the warehouse but we managed and with all this stock we go ahead full force!

26-01-2022: Another container has arrived, this one filled to the brim with recycled iron items.

14-01-2022: A new year and already we have received another container, this one filled with repeat teak items.

20-12-2012: Last week we have received another container from India and today we had the time to update the website so you can see what new items we have for you now. Hopefully we will receive one more container with teak between Christmas and New Year but as always we will keep you informed.

29-10-2021: It has been a while since our last update but luckily it was because we have been very busy. This meant we even didn't have the time to make pictures of the new items and keep our webshop up to date. Even this evening we will be unloading a container. You will find the items under "Arrived teak 29-10-2021".

08-09-2021: As you may have seen in our Instagrampage our warehouse was really getting empty but finally we have received a container and in the webshop you can see what we have in stock again. Stay tuned because in the coming weeks we are expecting a lot of containers.

06-07-2021: As we already informed you below it is very difficult to get any merchandise from Asia to Europe. There are not enough containers available and the prices are still sky-high. You may have noticed that we didn't upload any new items recently but we finally managed to get our hands on an empty container in Indonesia so if all goes well we will have new stock of our teak collection in the second week of August. Also we are trying hard to get a container from Bali so we can restock our items from there as well.

27-05-2021: We have received another container from India, you will find the items that came out of that container under: New items 27-05-2021.

12-04-2021: As it has been a tough period businesswise for a lot of us we will give 10% discount on all weborders until the end of April 2021, starting from today.

09-04-2021: This week we have received another container and today the new items have been uploaded to our webshop.

25-03-2021: Good news from our forwarder, it looks like the seafreight is dropping so we will restart sending containers from Indonesia. Hopefully the teak collection will arrive soon.

24-03-2021: Today was a nice day to take pictures, not only inside but also outside. So check out the webshop, a lot of new items have been added.

10-3-2021: Big news, we will start a try out at Sell-It in Ahrensburg. so in the coming weeks you will find us there.

08-03-2021: As you will probably have already heard the prices for seafreight are skyhigh since a couple of months. Because of that we had to cancel some shipments from Indonesia until the prices are reasonable again. That means that amongst others the teakcollection we are normally selling very well is completely sold out and we can not yet say when we can expect the next load. From India the prices are higher but not too bad so we are receiving more containers from overthere meaning we do have a big collection in the painted and recycled iron items as well as a lot of furniture in stock.